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Dealing with Dragons, by Patricia C. Wrede

Title: Dealing with Dragons Author: Patricia C. Wrede Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Age Category: 10+ Fantasy for Young Female Readers Sixteen-year-old Cimorene is tired of being a princess.  She is fed up with embroidery lessons and etiquette and arranged marriages, and would much rather study magic and sword fighting and Latin. So when a talking […]


The Aviary, by Kathleen O’Dell

Title: The Aviary Author: Kathleen O’Dell Genre: Historical Fiction (some Gothic/Fantasy elements) Age Category: 8+ Historical Fiction: The Aviary Clara Dooley leads a quiet, lonely life. A serious heart condition has kept her indoors for years, far away from other children who might excite her. Instead, she spends her days in the Glendoveer Mansion, where her […]


Books for Boys: Legacy, by Thomas E. Sniegoski

Title: Legacy Author: Thomas E. Sniegoski Genre: Middle-grade fiction (Books for Boys) Age Category: 12 years + Books for Boys: Legacy Eighteen-year old Lucas Moore hasn’t had the best life. He and his mother live in a beat-up trailer in the aptly-named nowhere town of Perdition, Arizona, where she waits tables in a diner and […]


Fantasy Books: The Death of Yorik Mortwell

Title: The Death of Yorik Mortwell Author: Stephen Messer (illustrated by Gris Grimly) Genre: Middle-grade Fantasy Books Age Category: 9 years + Fantasy Book: The Death of Yorik Mortwell It’s not every day you come across a book where the hero dies in the first chapter.  But in The Death of Yorik Mortwell, that’s exactly […]


Children’s Fantasy Novel: The Door in the Forest

Title:  The Door in the Forest Author: Roderick Townley Genre:  Middle-grade Fiction (Children’s fantasy novels) Age Category:  8 years + Children’s Fantasy Novel: The Door in the Forest Daniel Crowley cannot tell a lie.  For most of his life, this inability has been a fairly manageable annoyance.  Now, as soldiers move into the small town […]