How to Choose Funny Children’s Books

how to choose children's books for your students: frog and toad togetherThis post is part 6 in a series on how to choose children’s books. How to Choose Children’s Books is the first in the series if you would like to read from the beginning. Last time, in Selection Criteria for Children’s Books: Good Stories,” I discussed stories in children’s books, and how to choose stories that are attractive to kids of various ages. In this post I will discuss the role of humor in rendering kids’ books appealing, and I will give some suggestions for how to choose funny children’s books.

Funny Children’s Books

My eldest daughter, Isabella, loves funny children’s books.  In particular, she thinks the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip is hilarious. In second grade her teacher had a small classroom library of books that the kids could take home for a few days at a time. The definitive three-volume collection of Calvin and Hobbes, The Complete Calvin and HobbesThe Complete Calvin and Hobbes, was Isabella’s favorite item in that library. Continue reading