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Elizabeth Kennedy, Children's Books, a children's literature website

Elizabeth Kennedy, Children's Books

Here’s another in my series of interviews with bloggers at children’s literature websites. Today I report on my interview with Elizabeth Kennedy (abbreviated “EK” below), who blogs at the children’s literature website Children’s Books. Elizabeth is one of the hardest working children’s literature bloggers you’ll meet.  In this interview she shares some great insights on helping reluctant readers to embrace reading, and the impact of e-readers on children’s literature. The point of these interviews, of course, is to help connect readers of Children’s Books and Reviews to some of the many other excellent children’s literature websites. So, after reading the interview, I encourage you to check out Elizabeth’s blog (link above). Click here for the the previous interview in this series.

Q: I understand that you studied both English literature and children’s literature while in college.  What spurred your interest in children’s literature?

EK: My interest in children’s literature grew from the time I read The Secret GardenThe Secret Garden as a child.  It was the first book I had ever read during which I felt that I was actually there: seeing what was going on, feeling what the characters were feeling.  Like a lot of kids, I had a somewhat difficult childhood and found great comfort Continue reading


Read Children’s Books Online: Big Universe

Big Universe Logo: Read Children's Books Online
If you haven’t noticed, computers are transforming books and publishing.  For example, e-readers like Amazon’s KindleAmazon Kindle e-reader and Apple’s iPad—along with the e-books that such e-readers allow people to read—are all the rage.

Another development in the digital publishing revolution is the growing availability of digital children’s books for reading online.  One website at the forefront of this movement is Big Universe, which allows kids to read children’s books online.  Today I offer a review of Big Universe.  To conduct this review I made use of a rigorously selected focus group.  Well, okay, my 9-year-old daughter fiddled around on the site for a while, but she was very helpful!

Read Children’s Books Online: Big Universe

Big Universe is a website that offers three main features.  First, the site makes available a digital library—including fiction and non-fiction offerings—that allows kids to read children’s books online.  The library has digital books for children of kindergarten age through eighth grade, in a wide range of categories and themes, such as action & adventure, animals, birds & insects, chapter books, classics, friendship, graphic novels, humor, religious, and transportation.

Big Universe’s reader interface is very slick: when you read a book, you can turn pages either by clicking on the arrows below the book, or by grabbing the edge of the page with the cursor and peeling it back as if you were reading a real book.  Pretty cool.  My focus group also liked the little Continue reading