Counting Book: One Moose, Twenty Mice by Clare Beaton

counting book, learning numbers for preschoolcounting book, learning numbers for preschool
Title: One Moose, Twenty Mice
Author: Clare Beaton
Genre: Toddler board book (Counting book)
Age Category: Infant to 2 years

Summary: A Children’s Counting Book

Clare Beaton’s One Moose, Twenty Mice is a counting book to help with learning numbers for preschool.  It begins with the following statement/question: “One moose, but where’s the cat?”  Each subsequent page continues the pattern established on the first page.  For example, the second and third pages say, “Two crabs, but where’s the cat?” and “Three ladybugs, but where’s the cat?”  The pages continue counting up in the same way until the last page, which says, “Twenty mice, and here’s the cat!”

The illustrations are scenes of colorful stitched fabrics (mostly felt), ribbons, buttons, sequins, and beads that depict the numbers and animals mentioned in the text.  Importantly, in each scene (except the last) the cat is hiding somewhere.  In the last scene the cat is finally in full view, chasing twenty white mice! Continue reading