Choosing Children’s Books with Educational Themes

children's educational books: Dr. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!
Perhaps the most obvious way a children’s book can have developmental value for a child is by its ability to educate about a certain topic.  As the child reads the book, she learns something via the content of the book.  In this post I will discuss the place of educational themes in rendering a children’s book developmentally valuable, and I will offer some advice on choosing children’s educational books.  Educational themes might be understood as a complement to attractive themes, which contribute to the subjective appeal of a children’s book.

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Children’s Educational Books: Importance of Developmental Stage

There is no mystery to how children’s educational books can contribute to a child’s development: books with educational themes simply help a child learn something she didn’t know about before.  The key, then, to choosing children’s books with educational themes is to make sure the themes of the book fit with the child’s stage of cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Continue reading