Grandfather Twilight, by Barbara Berger

grandfather twilight, by barbara berger, cover art
Title: Grandfather Twilightgrandfather twilight, by barbara berger
Author: Barbara Berger
Age Category: Infant to 2 years
Genre: Baby Board Books

Grandfather Twilight, by Barbara Berger: Summary

The central character of Barbara Berger’s baby board book Grandfather Twilightgrandfather twilight, by barbara berger is, logically enough, an old man with white hair and beard named Grandfather Twilight.  He lives in a beautiful deciduous forest and spends his days reading in a comfortable armchair, accompanied by his dog, his cat, and a bird.

The story of this board book traces Grandfather Twilight’s evening routine.  He takes a pearl from an endless strand he keeps in a wooden chest and goes for a walk with his dog.  As he walks, the pearl grows, the sounds of the forest hush, and the colors of a beautiful twilight sky fan out behind him like a misty ethereal wake.  At this point the illustrations alone tell the story for a time, unaided by text. Continue reading