Illustrations in Children’s Books

This is the fourth in a series of posts on how to choose children’s books.  If you want to read from the beginning, Click here for the first article in the series, “How to Choose Children’s Books”Last time, in “Choosing Children’s Books with Age Appropriate Themes”, I talked about how to choose children’s books with appealing themes.

In this post I will discuss how illustrations in children’s books make books appealing to children, and I will try to give some guidance on what to look for with respect to illustrations in children’s books.  However, I should say up front that there is a lot of room for difference of opinion over what makes for attractive illustrations in children’s books, so take my guidance as applying only “for the most part”; there will be many exceptions to it, due to a certain amount of subjectivity inherent in any aesthetic judgments.

Illustrations in Children’s Books: Very Important!

My central point: The illustrations of a children’s book are perhaps the largest part of what makes the book attractive to kids, especially for children younger than eight years old. Continue reading